Article I. NAME
The name of this organization shall be the Sierra Singles Section of the Loma Prieta Chapter of the Sierra Club (here in after called the Section).
The purpose of the Section shall be to promote the enjoyment and preservation of our scenic and environmental resources by single adults. All activities and functions of the Section must be consistent with the purposes of the Sierra Club.
The membership of this Section shall consist of those members of the Sierra Club who are current subscribers to the Section newsletter, hereinafter referred to as Section members. Membership is not dependent upon a subscriberís age, marital status, or place of residence..
The Section is an integral part of the Sierra Club and the Loma Prieta Chapter (hereinafter called the Chapter). It is governed by their Bylaws as supplemented by these Bylaws, as amended. The Executive Committee of the Section (hereinafter called the EXCOM) shall be responsible to the Chapter Executive Committee for the effective operation of the Section and shall interpret these Bylaws as required. All questions as to the meaning of these Bylaws and matters not addressed by these Bylaws are to be referred to the EXCOM, then the Chapter. The Section shall be administered by the EXCOM elected by the members of the Section or appointed in accordance with these Bylaws. Other committees, activity coordinators and leaders may be appointed by the Excom.
Part A. Executive Committee The EXCOM shall be composed of at least five and up to eleven elected officers. The minimum five officers are the Chair, Vice-Chair, Membership Coordinator, Treasurer, and Newsletter Editor. The additional officers are Secretary, Conservation Coordinator, Activity Coordinator and up to three at-large members. The specific number for a particular term shall be defined by the EXCOM prior to the election for that term. All officers shall be single members of the Section. No officers shall serve more than three full consecutive annual terms in a specific office or more than five consecutive annual terms on the EXCOM. Decisions of the EXCOM shall be by majority vote unless otherwise specified in the Bylaws and are binding on all Section members.
The powers of the EXCOM shall include: Coordinate, conduct and publish in a periodic newsletter activities to further the purposes of the Section. The Chair or Vice Chair, with the concurrence of at least two other EXCOM members, may reject or materially amend for publication any proposed event or item that does not meet the policies of the Section. All rejections shall be discussed at the following EXCOM meeting, to which the posting leader shall be specifically invited. The EXCOM may overrule the decision on future rejections of like kind activities. Set, enforce, and maintain a record of policies to ensure that actions of the Section are consistent with the objectives and standards of the Section, the Chapter, and the Sierra Club. These policies are included in these Bylaws by reference. Control and disburse funds of the Section in a businesslike manner. All funds shall be committed by the EXCOM to purposes consistent with the objectives of the Section. The EXCOM shall appoint annually an audit committee to review Section financial reports and procedures. The EXCOM shall ensure a proper review process regarding complaints of inappropriate activity. It may, by a majority vote, prohibit any member of the Sierra Club or non-member permanently or temporarily from participating in some or all events or receiving its newsletter. Causes for such action include, but are not limited to, persons whose actions are disruptive to the operations or activities of the Section, endanger their or others safety, are contrary to the goals of the Sierra Club or Section, are offensive to others, or are contrary to common sense or the norms of society. Upon receiving a written complaint, the EXCOM, or delegated persons, may interview the parties, diligently review the matter, attempt problem resolution and make recommendations to the EXCOM. The EXCOM shall assure that the subject person is informed of the complaint and has an opportunity to be fully heard. The EXCOM may refer the matter to the Chapter as appropriate. Set, enforce and maintain qualification procedures for event leaders. Such other actions as are necessary for the efficient operation of the Section.
The general responsibilities of the following officers are:
Chair: Shall call and preside at meetings of the EXCOM; attend meetings of the Chapter Activities Committee or other meetings of the Chapter Executive Committee as required; and such other duties as may be necessary.
Vice Chair: Shall act as Chair in the absence of the Chair; be responsible for recruiting and training leaders for the Section's activities; review the qualifications of leaders of scheduled activities and ensure that a qualified leader attends any activity led by a new or inexperienced leader; and control event-oriented physical assets (equipment) of the Section.
Membership Coordinator: Shall process requests for Section membership or newsletter subscriptions, maintain lists of members and subscribers and pass received funds along to the Section treasurer.
Treasurer: Shall maintain finances in accordance with Article VI of these Bylaws.
Newsletter Editor: Shall monitor announcements of activities submitted by leaders, verifying that appropriate EXCOM policies are followed; and oversee editing and publishing of the Section newsletter. The EXCOM shall maintain a description of the duties of all its positions, including the five above. It may allocate, change, add or delete duties among the officers as needed to fulfill its duties. An officer may be removed from office for failure to comply with the policies of the Section or for failure to perform the duties of that office or disrupting operation of the Section. Removal shall require a two-thirds vote of the EXCOM other than that officer. Absence by an EXCOM officer at more than two consecutive regularly scheduled meetings, without prior approval by the EXCOM, or the marriage of an officer, shall constitute a resignation from that office. The voting rights of an officer may be suspended and/or a recall election for that position initiated by petition of 5% of the membership. An officer may resign in writing to the EXCOM at any time. A vacancy in the office of the Chair shall be filled by the Vice Chair. Other vacancies in existing EXCOM positions may be filled with members approved by the EXCOM to serve the remainder of the term.

Part B. Committees
Any officer may organize and dissolve committees to aid in performing the functions of office with approval of the EXCOM. Committee members must be Section members. Committees pass on their decisions to the sponsoring officer as recommendations.
Part C. Activity Coordinators
The Vice Chair, with EXCOM approval, can appoint and remove any qualified leader as an Activity Coordinator for a specific type of event. An Activity Coordinator, under the direction of the Vice Chair, will maintain the quality of the events under the Coordinator's responsibility, including the qualification or monitoring of qualification of new leaders, settling minor problems that members may have with leaders and promoting leaderís skills. The Activity Coordinator reviews activity financial reports of leaders if finances are questioned in writing by a participant to ensure conformance to Section policies.
Part D. Activity Leaders
Each scheduled activity of the Section shall have a formally designated leader, who must be a Section member and single, and must meet the leadership requirements established by the EXCOM. Leaders shall represent the interests of the Section, the Chapter and the Sierra Club on their activities. Leaders choose and plan the events for which they are qualified. Any written complaint made by a member of a leader must be diligently reviewed by the EXCOM or its delegates. The EXCOM may suspend or terminate a memberís leadership status during and/or after a diligent review.Activities announced in the Section newsletter shall be considered official Sierra Club activities, except those specifically identified otherwise. A leader may bar a person from an event who may endanger their or others' safety, may be disruptive, may be unqualified for the event, or for any other reason.

Elections shall be held such that ballots are collected in the fourth quarter of each calendar year. The Chair shall appoint an Elections Committee of at least three members at least 3 months prior to the deadline for collecting ballots. No candidate for election or current EXCOM member shall serve on the Election Committee. The Election Committee shall control all aspects of the election process. It shall prepare detailed election procedures and recommend policies and changes for EXCOM approval.
The Election Committee shall place a notice in the Section newsletter at least 2 months prior to the deadline for collecting ballots, announcing the election and nomination rules, soliciting names of qualified candidates and outlining the process for nomination by petition. The Election Committee shall nominate willing candidates for each elected position and oversee preparation of the election material, which shall be mailed with the Section newsletter between 2 weeks and 6 weeks prior to the deadline for collecting ballots and shall include all candidates and instructions for voting. It may disqualify candidates for violation of election rules.
Candidates must be single. No nominee may be a candidate for more than one office in a single election. Any unopposed candidates for a particular office shall take that office when elected officers are seated. There shall be no election for that office. Members not selected by the Election Committee may be nominated by petition of at least 5% of the Section members. Petitions for nomination must be delivered to the Election Committee at least 1 week prior to the publication of ballots. Voting shall be by secret ballot. Members may vote for as many candidates as there are positions to be filled. Members may not vote more than once for a particular candidate. Write-in votes shall not be counted. Ballots shall be returned unopened to the Elections Committee within one week of the voting deadline. A candidate who receives a plurality of at least 40% of the votes cast for an office shall be declared elected. Ties among the leading candidates receiving at least 40% of the votes cast may be decided by mutual agreement of those candidates, or else by lot.
If no candidate receives a plurality, the Election Committee shall conduct a run-off election between the two top candidates. This shall be as soon as possible, via the Section newsletter. Elected officers shall be seated at the EXCOM meeting following the counting of ballots. The incumbents shall remain in office until the respective successors have been elected and installed. Special elections may be held at the request of the EXCOM or upon petition of 5% of the membership. Special elections shall be announced at least two calendar months prior to the deadline for counting ballots.
The EXCOM is responsible to collect, expend and protect funds of the Section in a businesslike manner consistent with the goals of the Section, Chapter and the Sierra Club. Revenue sources, including newsletter subscriptions and ads, fund-raising and other events and Chapter and/or Sierra Club fund-sharing, shall be sufficient to independently fund all normal Section operating expenses, equipment purchases, donations, cash reserves and other expenditures as approved by the EXCOM. The EXCOM shall approve and maintain financial policies to be followed by the Treasurer, EXCOM, committees and leaders.
The Treasurer shall keep proper books of accounts and report the financial condition of the Section quarterly, annually and at other times as required by the EXCOM and/or Chapter. The membership shall receive a summary financial report at least annually in the newsletter. The Treasurer shall ensure proper controls and reporting are in place for cash management and expenditure, equipment, bank statements, reserve requirements, budgeting, fund-raising, and financial aspects of activities. The Treasurer shall cooperate with the audit committee and supply it with the bank statements and financial statements for the audit period. Subscription fees may be waived for EXCOM officers and other members as approved by the EXCOM to reward effort to benefit the Section. The EXCOM may review or audit the financial aspects of events.
The EXCOM shall meet not less than once a quarter to review the operation of the Section. Additional meetings may be scheduled by the Chair or majority of the EXCOM. Meetings shall be announced in the newsletter, except meetings called in an emergency or in consideration of sensitive issues. An emergency meeting is one for which not all EXCOM members could be reasonably notified or expected to attend. Actions taken at emergency meetings must be by unanimous vote of a quorum. Meetings shall be open, except those in consideration of sensitive issues. Actions taken at all unannounced meetings must be reported at the succeeding EXCOM meeting.
A quorum of the EXCOM shall consist of a majority of its members and shall be required for the transaction of business. A written proxy from an EXCOM member on a specific issue shall be counted in the vote and quorum.

Amendments to these Bylaws may be proposed in writing to the EXCOM by Section members. If approved by the EXCOM, the proposed amendments must be ratified by the Chapter Executive Committee. After acceptance by the Chapter, the proposed amendments shall be submitted for approval by a majority of the Section members voting.
Approval by the Section EXCOM is not required when the proposed amendment is supported by written petition bearing the signatures of 5% of the Section's members. In this case, the EXCOM shall submit the amendments directly to the Chapter Executive Committee and, if approved, to the Section's Members for final approval. Approval by membership vote is not required for amendments needed to remain consistent with changes in Club and/or Chapter Bylaws or to correct inconsequential errors or omissions. Such amendments require a two-thirds vote of the EXCOM and ratification by the Chapter.