These Checklists are here to remind
Leaders to have a Fun and Safe Trip!

Prior to the Event
Once on the Event
After the Event

Prior to the Outing

  • Research Trip
  • Scout the Trip
  • Evaluate Difficulty
  • Choose Date(s)
  • Highlight Natural, Historical or Conservation Features
  • Avoid Conflicts with Hunting Seasons, Maintenance Closures
  • Get Required Permits/Permissions
  • Trips over 10 days, outside the U.S. or Canada, or involving watercraft, rock climbing, mountaineering, or aircraft require Sierra Club approval
  • Choose Maximum Group Size
  • Make Contingency Plans
  • Identify Co-leader(s)

Newsletter Write-up Checklist

  • Date (Day to agree with date)
  • Destination
  • Event Type
  • Meeting Place(s)
    • Carpool number to correspond to description
    • Alternate carpools for "geographically undesirables"
    • Directions
  • Meeting Time(s) - for each meeting place
  • Estimated Level
    • Mileage
    • Elevation gain
    • Pace
    • Difficulty
  • Rain or other incident cancels?
  • What to Bring
    • Water
    • Food (to share?)
    • Clothing
    • Boots
  • Equipment (when necessary)
    • Bike, backpack, camping equipment (as needed)
    • Safety equipment
    • Sunblock
    • Water and/or filter
    • Money
  • Reservations Required?
    • By Phone, Mail, Electronic?
    • Standard Information Notes
    • Fees - checks payable to leader
    • SASE
    • Deadline
    • Group size - minimum and maximum
    • Central, potluck, individual, per-carpool or hot-water commissary
    • Cancellation and waiting list policies
  • Estimated End Time
  • Leader and Co-leader(s) Contact Info

Participant Screening (when necessary)

  • Inquire about Applicant's Experience, Physical Condition, and Equipment
  • Fill Openings from Waiting List by Order of Sign-up or by Lottery

Trip Letters (when necessary)

  • Time and place to meet
  • Equipment requirements
  • Leader furnished food, equipment
  • Participant contact list for carpooling
  • First Aid Kit
Once on the Event

Welcome Checklist

  • Arrive Early
  • Introductions
    • Leader(s)
    • New members
    • Guests
  • First Aid qualified, kits
  • Instructions
    • Hazards
    • Check equipment
    • Limits for fast and slow participants
  • Rear leader
  • Publicity
    • Announcements
    • Get people involved in running and advertising the Section
  • Sign-in Sheets

Educate and Learn from Participants

  • Environment
  • Leadership
  • Safety
  • Natural History
  • Conservation Issues
  • Equipment
  • Identify Potential Leaders and Activists
  • Closure Checklist
  • Check that All Participants are Accounted For
  • Invite Nonmembers to Join Sierra Club and/or Sierra Singles
  • Get Feedback on How to Improve Event and Leadership Skills
  • Be Sure that Participants Depart Safely

After the Event

  • Follow Up with Participants Who Want to Join or Become Leaders
  • Report Incidents to EXCOM
  • Complete Accident Reports
  • Trip Report for Newsletter
  • Retain Sign-in Sheets for 3 years
  • Plan Your Next Event!