The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires

Hiking Grants Ranch 2/17/13: Jim, Mieko, Janet, John, Vijay, Bev, Eleanor, Monica, Jason, Judy, Helga (leader)

Look for listings of our 3 Sunday hikes here:  Chapter Calendar or on Meetup

Explore the bay area from the comfort of your bicycle.
Yummy!  A weekly event held every Sunday Evening from 5:00 till 7:00.
Be green, share a ride in a lean mean green machine; to any SSA activity.
Once a month, a fellow Singleaire presents travel that they have been on.
On occasion, we do volunteer work on the trails

(To be announced)

Our club's activities are focused on interesting things to do for active adults.  Most of our activities are outdoor and they are focused on walking or hiking to a destination usually in as much a wilderness area as is legally possible.  It is not unusual to spot wild animals and birds of all kinds as well as flowers beyond beautiful, while on these excursions. Our activities will also condition you for more strenuous exercise as well, opening up whole new vistas to explore as you get in better shape.

All of our activities are detailed in a hard copy quarterly activity schedule which is published for our membership, you guessed it, every three months.  This schedule is about 12 to 20 pages long and it details all of our hikes we are having and our other special activities such as where the potluck is being held on Sunday, as well as special outings to car camping and back packing trips.  As noted above, our hikes are also listed on the Sierra Club chapter calendar and on Meetup as well.

Anyone can get a quarterly activity schedule (one time only) by sending $0.61 in stamps to:
Singleaires, C/O  

An electronic .pdf version is available on the password protected Yahoo Groups  If you are a member and have misplaced your special copy; simply sign in to Yahoo with your password and follow the links to the Activities Schedule.  If you are not a member, please go to our membership page and sign up.  It's inexpensive and it's fun to do.