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Lets go Biking!

Archieved Bike rides

Singlaires Weekday BIKE RIDES

We have bike rides on most any day of the week but the standard days are Tuesday and then optionally Friday. An Informal biking group usually meets at 10 AM on the chosen day for a 10 to 13 mile bike ride on a route with bike paths and minimum street contact. The Days and locations are chosen by participants on a week to week basis. Bicycle Helmets are required.  These rides are recreational and sometimes include going to a no host lunch. You can expect lots of fun and socializing.

Biking Equipment:
Most of our rides are best suited for Mountain Bikes and Cross bikes.  Rarely is any climbing involved but when there is, it helps to have 18 or more gears (3x6 up to 3x9). Occasionally, the trail will be packed dirt or gravel. Skinny tire road bikes will work on some of the trails we go on but not all of them.  Some of us carry bike tool kits but it is best if you have your own and not rely on someone else's tool kit. A frame mounted bike pump could help a lot for instance as well as a basic tube patching kit.  

Standard bike pedals are o.k.  A few of us have "clip-ons."  Handle bars can be up right or leaned over dependent on your personal riding style preference. A water bottle and frame mounted water bottle holder would really be a good idea. Carrying 16 ozs. or more of water on your bike is a great idea.

Bike Ride Signup:
All bike rides are by email invitation.  To get on the email notification list, email  and  

Bike Maintenance:
The lack of bike maintenance can be a handicap for enjoying your bike.  It shouldn't be.  Properly maintaining your bike can make your ride more enjoyable and with much less effort.  I have several bike maintenance tutorials posted on my web site.  They are very popular world wide and may help you maintain your bike. (Bike Maintenance Tutorials)

Bike Trail Maps:

Guadalupe River

From Alviso to HWY 280

Los Gatos Creek Part I

Meridian Ave. and Curci South to Los Gatos Creek County Park

Los Gatos Creek Part II

Los Gatos Creek County Park South to Lexington Reservoir

Los Alamitos Creek

Coleman Ave to McKean

Half Moon Bay

Bike the entire radius of the bay

*Stevens Creek

Start at the South Bay and end up in downtown Mountain View

*South Bay

Pick your own start point and ride forever on the South Bay Trails

*Redwood Shores

to Coyote Point, plus more

* Thanks Diana Bloch