Do you recognize this place?  Hint: Close to Skyline Blvd.  A wunderful place to hike.  
*Answer:  Wunderlich, a San Mateo County Park  

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The Singleaires standard activity is hiking.  We have over 137 different local hikes in the bay area, which we hike.  Sunday is reserved for our regular scheduled hike.  Refer to the Chapter Calendar for all of our hikes and directions.

Singleaire hikes are for anybody who is capable of hiking the distance as described. It is up to the person who wants to hike to determine their own ability and limits.  The Hike Leader will monitor and evaluate a hikers ability and may or may not ask the hiker to leave the hike if it appears it may be a problem for the hiker or the group.

All hikers are required to sign in on a liability waiver.

Hike Leaders and Co-Leaders
Our leaders and co-leaders are volunteers and they expect your cooperation for a safe and enjoyable hike.  The leader is responsible for your safety, and you are expected to cooperate with the leader's decisions.  All hikes also have a "rear leader" (aka sweep) to keep the group together.  If you leave the hike, you need to inform either the leader or rear leader and sign out on the Liability Waiver. A current First Aid certification and Hike Leader certification are required by either the Leader or Co-leader (between them) before any activity is scheduled. All leaders are required to carry a First Aid Kit.

Our leaders and co-leaders are also certified as being trained by an experienced Hike Leader and having passed a test regarding club hiking protocol and procedures. For instance, what to do if somebody can't complete a hike as well as evaluating fellow hikers for exhaustion and ability to complete a hike.  

At the beginning of the hike, you will be introduced to the rest of the hikers.

First Aid

One or more leader persons will carry a First Aid Kit to administer band-aids, over the counter medicines and various other aids to suit most minor incidences, while on the trail.

Rear Leader
All hikes also have a "Rear Leader" (aka the sweep) whose job is to keep the group together, making sure nobody falls behind. If you leave the hike, you need to inform either the Hike Leader or the Rear Leader (sweep) and sign out on the Liability Waiver.

Your Hike Leader and Co-Leader are volunteers.  You are expected to cooperate with the leader's decisions. Whether you remain signed in on a hike or not, is at the discretion of the Hike Leader.

If a Leader is unable to lead a hike or if a Co-leader is needed, call an Outings Committee Chair. If a hike is canceled, a leader will be at the trail head for at least 15 minutes after the announced start time.  If no leader shows up, the hike has been cancelled.  Always check this web site to verify if changes have been made and it may be a good idea to contact the hike leader as well.

Sign In Waiver
Download and print as you need.  (From the Loma Prieta Web Site)

Hiking and Backpacking Trip Classifications
DISTANCE (Number) Mini Hike   1-4 miles Grade 1  1 to 6 miles Grade 2  6 to 10 miles Grade 3  10 to 15 miles
ELEV GAIN (Letter) Flat to 400' Class A 100' to 1000' Class B   1000' to 2000' Class C  2000' to 3000'

The hiking leader will designate the difficulty of the hike they are leading as well as a description of what you can expect to see and do.  The Singleaires has developed a summary chart (see above) that the hike leaders use to designate up front, the difficulty of their hike.  The easiest or least difficult hike would be a mini hike with the most difficult being a rating of a 3C.  If you were slightly handicapped; breaking in a new hip or knee joint for instance, you might be attracted to our mini hikes while a robust very active person, might look for the 3C hike. Our most popular hikes are the medium ones rated a 2B.  Any combination of difficulty may be used by a leader.  For instance, the hike may be designated a mini hike for a hike that is flat and approximately 4 miles.  A 2C hike could be 8 miles with 2400' of elevation change, or as any other combination of chart designations as determined by the hike leader.

Our hikes are social as well.  Most hikes require you to bring a lunch as there will usually be a lunch break in the middle of the hike as determined by the leader.  Be prepared by bringing a sack lunch suitable to feed yourself and a small snack to share with your fellow hikers. Story telling is encouraged as are tasteful jokes that do not result in you being tossed off of the edge of the trail or nearest cliff.

Reminder, don't hook up for a 3C hike if you haven't done several 2B hikes previously.  Let your body get used to hiking before doing the more strenuous ones. Some leaders demand a faster pace.  If the hike is specified as being fast paced, you need to be able to keep up or voluntarily sign yourself out of the hike.

Anyone can get a hard copy quarterly activity schedule (one time only) by sending $0.61 in stamps to:
Singleaires, C/O  

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