The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
Angel Island Hiking, October 30

A lineup of the usual suspects suspected of and accused of "Having too much fun."  Hike leader Dennis Gaushell seventh from left, Betsy Ross 1A leader and co-leader, seventh from right, eighth if you count the gull, Jim Huffman, 2B co-leader, behind camera.

It's nice to know that if our ferry catches on fire, this little pumper may come to our aid maybe even on the very same day.

The fireboat captain known to have set some hearts on fire, all by herself.

About halfway up Mt. Lawrence on the Sunset Trail sans Sunset. 

Some hikers posing for their Christmas card portraits.

Just killing time, waiting for a hiker to drop dead on the trail

So we gather for lunch and socializing at the 788' peak of Mt. Livermore remarking what a beautiful perfect hiking day this is.

Now this is a Christmas card or postcard pose, if I ever saw one.  While lunching at the peak, several hikers came through, a lot of them asking for us to take their photos.  It is difficult not to notice how perfect this couple is with their baby at the very top of their very own mountain.  I don't know their names but I wish them the best.
A couple of pre-med students.  Some of our hikers enjoyed engaging them in conversation, exploring how they got into the program, where they are from (one on left is from FL), etc.

The view of Tiburon from the top

click on it for a high res version.  This panoramic is the result of 4 photos stitched together by amazing software included in Elements 9 from Adobe. The resulting photo is 15,726 pixels wide.  

Photos by Jim Huffman.  Canon EOS5D MKII with a 24-105mm zoom lens.

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