The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
Biking, June 7
Don Edwards Nature Preserve, Alviso, CA

An airport for White Pelicans with their own carry on luggage pouch.  The TSA is at the front to ensure compliance with flight regulations.

"Will the Brown colored White Pelicans step to the back please.  We are having traffic control problems and there may be a small delay in getting flight clearance for you.  Did you remember to leave your suitcase unlocked?" If you look at the last Pelican on the right, it has half a poker chip glued to his upper beak.  This is only present during the breeding season from Feb. to Jun.  White Pelicans prefer fresh water but winter along the Coast before going inland to breed.

Flying wing tip to wing tip, as they gain altitude.

Up, up, up and away.

A one legged black neck Stilt.

"Mary, will you marry me?"  A two legged black neck Stilt and an Avocet.  (I am teasing about the one legged Stilt.  It is common for wading birds to tuck one leg into the fuselage to preserve heat and for comfort.  If you look closely at the first photo, you can see the knee joint of the other leg.)

Larry Stafford and I, had a nice bike ride around the Mallard Trail at Don Edwards.  Pardon the absence of us humans on our bikes but it seemed more interesting to post photos of the birds instead.  Larry was riding his Recumbent and I was riding my Mountain Bike.  We discussed the history of Draw Bridge Island and Station Island.  Larry mentioned that Kit's grandfather was a gun smith and that he fabricated several custom shot guns for a lot of duck hunters who frequented these two Islands.  These levees are closed for Duck Season as this is still a popular place to hunt.  Rather then posting signs to duck, they post "Closed" signs instead, during duck season.

Photos by Jim Huffman.  Canon EOS5D MKII with a 100-400mm zoom lens.  All photos are cropped for detail or composition or both.

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