The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
El Sereno OSP, October 9

El Sereno OSP

Adding new meaning to the term "Zig Zag."  Not just a piece of paper anymore.

When you drive around Lexington, you don't really get a sense of it's size.  This photo reveals it's true nature..

One of our hikers putting her best foot forward.

The before photo after hiking 0.89 miles and 500' up to the trail head on a private residential mountain asphalt road.  Frank Bryn on the far left (hiking wise, not politically) is our leader and Monica is our co-leader (besides Frank).

Lunch time photos at the top.  Can you guess who the photographer was?  
in both photos?  
Sort of like "Where's Waldo!" with a twist.

Photos by Jim Huffman and Monica Lodge.<-------Highlight for the answer.

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