The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
Kayaking, May 31
Elk Horn Slough, Moss Landing, CA

Betsy Ross, Carmela Talamo, Janet Pelinka, Sasha Greenwalt

"Hand over all of your chocolate and nobody gets hurt."  (Nancy Mueller) 

Carmela, Betsy, Janet, Sasha

Phyliss Hilton (trip organizer), Carmela, Betsy, Janet

Nancy Mueller and Carmela Talamo

Phyliss, Carmela, Sasha, Jan, Nancy

"Lets spread out  so that the Seals can't tip all of us over all at once." Betsy, Carmela, Jan, Sasha

"I think I can see the Indians."

"Ha, ha, I know how to paddle a Kayak, and you don't!  Watch me do a turnabout."

Innocent bystanders.........

A Snowy Egret, one small step for an Egret, one great step for all water birds.

A BnB for Brown Pelicans

A Great Egret, with water flowing off of his feet.  It looks like he would make a great kite.

All photos by Jim Huffman, the bird camera was a Canon EOS5D MKII with a 100-400mm telephoto lens; the Kayak photos were taken with a Canon SX200 PnS camera.

I can't say we had an uneventful trip.  We all knew going in that things can get dicey.  We left the Kayak place without mishap, had a nice lunch break while nosed into a mud bank and headed back about 1:00.  We were about three miles into the Elk Horn Slough.  Then the wind kicked up.

There were whitecaps and swells.  A West Wind had picked up and was blowing about 20 knots according to later reports from the staff at the Kayak place.

Nancy was about 50 yards ahead of us and tried to go under the Hwy 1 bridge first.  I watched helplessly as she capsized and went into the water.  I tried a different tack but was over powered by the wind and waves and I had to turn around and beach myself in order to walk back.  That didn't go so well as I was swamped trying to get out of my Kayak.  (My cameras were protected in dry bags, so no damage.) I did manage to get out of the kayak and up on stable land. I went for my cell phone (packed in my dry bag) to call for help from the Kayak place.  What I got was the main office in Monterey and they said "I'm sorry, you can't talk to Moss Landing right now.  They are too busy."

Then they offered us Hot Chocolate.  Thanks.  We all survived and we all walked back while the Kayak place recovered our kayaks and paddles.

A nice late afternoon meal at Phil's (three of us ordered a bowl of steaming hot Clam Chowder) and the rest is history.

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