The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
Mule Trip, August 14-20

to Thousand Island Lake from Agnew Meadow

Mule train, rawhide, where the deer and the antelope play; no cell phone service, yay!

A visit to the Thousand Island Lake.  (Frank said he swam out to one of the islands, but quickly returned when he discovered he had left his beer unattended on the shore.)

Banner Peak shown in the top center.

Frank says he got this photo at the crack of dawn.  It is so perfect that I have displayed it two different ways: upside down and rotated 180 degrees.  See if you can figure out which is which.  
Answer: The top photo is upside down and the bottom photo is rotated 180.<-------Highlight for the answer.


If you look closely, you can see the campsite and all of the tents. 

Snow and flowers were both plentiful.

The view from the campsite.  This campsite was a moderately strenuous 7.3 mile hike with about 2,000' elevation gain, from Agnew Meadows Trailhead, near Mammoth, to Thousand Island Lake.

The south end of the mule pack going north.

Photos by Frank Bryn with a 10 megapixel point n shoot.  Editorial content by Jim Huffman

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