The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
A November Mushroom Foray!

A wet Fall produces lots of mushrooms.  If you were lucky enough to go on John Browns mushroom hike on Saturday November 19, 2011, this is a sample of what you would have seen. John also lectured us on the various types of mushrooms emphasizing which ones were edible. A curiosity to me is that John advocated tasting the raw mushrooms indicating that a mushroom is only poisonous if you swallow it. John stipulated that tasting a mushroom was part of identification. I did taste one but then I spent a good five minutes trying to rid my mouth of every little spec of the residue. John however, continued to taste almost every mushroom he picked up. In spite of this, he did survive and continued to inform and lecture us on various mushroom details.  Another curiosity that John mentioned is that mushrooms are specific to certain forest areas with some species only being found near Oaks and other species only being found in Redwoods and some only in pastures.

The following photos were taken with a high resolution camera under very dark conditions making hand held shots a little vulnerable to camera shake which manifests itself in an apparent lack of sharpness aka focus. Some photos were included as they were noteworthy in spite of the lack of sharpness. I took over 230 photos. These are just the noteworthy ones. Click on any of the photos for a 1024 pixel (enlarged) version.

From Big Basin State Park off of Hwy 236, Nov 19 led by John Brown
From Nisene Marks Park, Nov 25, led by Monica Lodge

From Hidden Villa, the "Bunny" trail, Nov 26 led by Ed Lange

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