The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
Almaden Quick Silver, McAbee, October 23

The usual suspects. The hike leader Helga Campbell is second from right and a hiking guest from the Apres Ski and Activity Club and co-leading the hike, Georgiana Rudge, second from the left.

Singing to the tune of EEM EYE SEE,   KAY E WHY    EEM OH YOU EES E!

"I hope those younger kids can keep up with me."

Not sure what this is but we had a lot of discussion about it:  "A water slide for midgets?",  "A very large two barrel shotgun?"  Chime in if you know what it was used for.
We were guessing to heat the two tubes up to the melting point of mercury for extracting mercury from the ore?

"And the fish was this big, REALLY, but he got away."

Photos by Jim Huffman.

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