The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
Wilder Ranch, November 6

Gathering the posse together in preparation for hiking the coastline at Wilder Ranch.

It's a dead heat race between Fuzzy Wuzzy
and the snail from the Black Lagoon.  

If you have ever been to Wilder, there are always a bunch of photo ready critters standing by.  In this case, one is in the water and one is on land.  My point is, take your point and shoot camera along when you go to Wilder.

Julie Walters on this same hike, took some wonderful photos also.  You can view her photos and comments at this Facebook  web site.

The hike leaders Steve Conway and (behind him) Barbara Dahl (with the hat).

You would be happy and smiling too if you were on this hike!

The hike leaders Barbara and Steve, taking a lunch break on the beach.

"I am so happy that we didn't find any bats in this cave."


"and from this point you can see the beaches in Japan.".

Taking a well deserved lunch break, on the beach of course.  Picnic rocks courtesy of Wilder Ranch Park.

Supplemental lunch.

Where they get the golden globe awards from.

"How much Broccoli can we pick before we get arrested?"

Photos by Ed Lange, comments by Jim Huffman.

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