The Loma Prieta Sierra Singleaires
ViJay introduces his Cousin to the SSA
July 22, 2012

This sure beats  the heck out of flying to Canada.

This is Vijay's visiting distant niece.  Her name is Ruchi and she is  his cousin's daughter.  She is also being the sweep for Larry's hike.

The person not shown on the left is in a witness protection program ergo why he is not shown.

We have doughnut wheels back home also.  Very nice to feel right at home.  Would you like a bite also?

Ummm,  yummy.  Can I have a glass of milk please?.

Would you like to have, a ride on my motor cyy  cule?.

That Jim Fox, he's so cuuuttte.  Maybe I'll take him to Vegas with me to marry him.

Socializing during the Pot Luck, at Dennis Gaushell's house.

Photos submitted by Vijay, editorial content by Jim.