Food Assignments
by last name
Pot Luck Guide Lines (AKA Rules)
Summary of future potlucks.
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The Singleaires  have a long standing tradition of hosting a Sunday Potluck.  Most of our socializing and activity planning occur at the potlucks as well as enjoying a buffet of food provided by the participants.

The cost of food/drink bought to the potluck should be the equivalent of $8 and certainly enough food to serve 6-8 persons. If your food contribution costs less than $8 or can feed less then six people, the difference in supplemental cash may be paid at the door

On those rare occasions when you are unable

to bring a food item as designated in the food chart, you can instead make a contribution of $8 to be collected at the door and used for a future potluck.

Eight bucks is only a suggested minimum.  Feel free to be as generous as you feel like being.  Once, a member bought a 1/4 tub of Bascom Robbins ice cream.  Umm, yummy, yummy for my tummy.

Contact for additional information, to volunteer or just to say "HI" and "Thank you."


Food Assignments :

1st 2nd 3rd 4th
A to G
(last name initial)

H to O
(last name initial)

P to Z
(last name initial)

Dec Mar Jun Sep Drink by 5:00 or Dessert A Main Dish or a Snack by 5:00
Jan Apr Jul Oct A Main Dish or a Snack by 5:00 Drink by 5:00 or Dessert
Feb May Aug Nov or a Snack
by 5:00
Drink by 5:00 or Dessert A Main Dish

Reminder; a bottle of two buck Chuck, is an insufficient offering. Pot Luck items should be robust enough to feed 6-8 people and worth approximately $8.00.


Potluck Guide Lines:


Hiking boots or dirty shoes should be removed before entering a potluck home.


Potlucks start at 5 PM with drink & hors d’oeuvres followed by salads & entrees at 6 PM followed by egress at 7 PM  If it is your turn to bring an hors d'oeuvres or drinks, be sure to arrive by 5:00 or earlier.  It is just the proper thing to do.


An optional Conservation Fund donation jar is posted at the door.  These funds are used to sustain our hiking trails and public parks that we use.  Please contribute 50 cents or more.  Our parks and trails can really use the extra funds.


Bring your dish already prepared or if last minute preparation is necessary, please do it yourself. Dishes that need to be warmed e.g. Pizza, is discouraged as often times, there will be no room or time to accommodate re-heating.  Entrees or items that need to be reheated will probably be served without reheating.  If you bring a whole chicken for instance, ask for a knife and board to cut it up on and advice on how to cut it up into several small pieces so it can serve a lot of people.  If it's a Pizza, ask for it to be cut into twice as many pieces as normal and if it isn't, finish cutting it at the potluck, don't ask a co-host to do.


THINK CONSERVATION! The less throw-away stuff we use at the potlucks, the better. e.g.  Bring your own plate, eating utensils, cloth napkins & cup/glass to drink out of.


Please take your serving dish & utensils home to be washed; co-hosts are not expected to wash serving dishes.  Stay out of the kitchen unless you are a host or co-host.


"Drink" means non-alcoholic beverages (NO Dark COLA DRINKS), wine (WHITE ONLY), or beer (not amber or dark colored).  The reason being is that spills are unpredictable.  Light or clear colored wines, beer and drinks are easier to clean up if a spill happens.


Potlucks are restricted to Singleaires members, with invited age and marital status appropriate guests allowed as well.


Potlucks announced at hikes are for those who have participated in the scheduled Sunday activity only.


Valuable Belongings should not be left unattended at the Potluck.  Neither the host or the Singleaires, is responsible for lost or stolen items.  If indeed you have ignored this advice then try contacting; Lost and Found. {Opp's, our Lost and Found is without a volunteer to organize the found items. So Sorry. If you have the time, we could really use a volunteer to collect lost objects and present them once or twice a year at the Yearly Picnic and at the Christmas Party.  In the meanwhile, If you left it at a potluck, contact the host and see if it was found.  Hint, if it was your $100 bill, it probably didn't get turned in.  It is easier to keep track of your stuff then it is to recover it after it was lost.}